No one is coming to help……it’s up to you

Let’s play a game of “what if”. Suppose I informed you, that in the next 30 seconds an assailant is going to attack you in an attempt to take your life. What is your plan?
Maybe you do have tools, tactics and a developed willingness to do violence on another human being when appropriate. However, if you are like most folks, you are currently looking into your theoretical “tool box” of options and realizing that beyond calling 911 for help you don’t really have any other choices available. And THAT does not constitute a plan at all. Law enforcement officers are not here to protect us individually, that’s just the nature of the job. There are not nearly enough cops on the job to be present when you need one, at the right place and right time. That is a fact you need to recognize. What was the impetus of this particular blog entry you ask? It was this article. Please take a quick read yourself:

Now I ask you, how can we best honor the memory of Lauren McCluskey? We can do better than holding vigils, prayers and sending well wishes to her family while they deal with the anguish of their loss. We can do so by recognizing that we alone hold the responsibility of our individual safety on our shoulders, and do something about it, now. Do not think that you will be able to go to and rely on the authorities to intervene during a critical incident. As in most cases, by the time they arrive on scene, they will be too late to help you. Take steps today, make the commitment, to make yourself more dangerous than you were yesterday. Be it grappling, striking, trauma medical skills, knife or gun work, train SOMETHING today that may save your life or the life of someone you love tomorrow. I can’t tell you when that moment will come, but what I can tell you is this, when the moment is here………no one else will be coming, it's up to you.

Gil NarvaezComment