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Esoteric LLC - Two Day Pistol Instructor Development Course

This comprehensive 2-day firearms training course is designed to enhance the instructional abilities of the firearms instructor, no matter their skill level. The course will provide the student instructor with methods of troubleshooting problem shooters, developing lesson plans to assist problem shooters, and methods for implementing said plan.
This is an excellent course for firearms instructors that are assigned to teach basic recruit academy curriculum, beginner shooters, remedial training sessions, and in-service firearms training programs. 
Prerequisite: Prospective students must be a certified firearms instructor with current and valid instructor certification.

E.D.I.P. Instructional method
Developing qualification courses and standard test drills.
Methodology of shooting a semi-automatic pistol and rifle.
Problem shooters diagnosis and solutions.
Emergency reloads and tactical reloads.
Malfunction clearing techniques.
Multiple target engagement drills.
Understanding time elements used in courses of fire.
Pistol standard drill evaluation.
Rifle standard drill evaluation.


Notepad and pen

Eye and ear protection

Baseball-type cap

Belt with holster and magazine pouches

Semi-auto pistol with three magazines minimum

AR-15/M-4 type rifle with at least three magazines and a sling

Rifle magazine pouch

1200 rounds of handgun ammunition

600 rounds of rifle ammunition

Course fee is $475, payable directly to Esoteric LLC. A cash range fee of $50 is due on the first day of the course.