Steve Anderson - Unchained - Nov. 16th-17th, 2019 - Asheboro, NC

Steve Anderson - Unchained - Nov. 16th-17th, 2019 - Asheboro, NC


Who Wants To Shoot Better And
More Consistently In Competition?

Have you ever let nerves get the best of you in a match? 

Have you ever had a plan all worked out in your mind on how you wanted to shoot a stage, but when the timer went off it all disappeared?

Do you regularly shoot better in practice than you do in competition? Do you have difficulty transferring your skill in dry-fire to the range? Do you usually choke on at least one stage of a match? Do you suffer from greater anxiety prior to a major match than you do at a local match?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then this class by Steve Anderson will be the best investment you can make in your shooting.

Steve was the first person to reach the position of USPSA Grand Master in the state of Ohio. He achieved this classification in less than 9 months with the practice and mental management system he teaches to his students today.

By attending this class, you’ll avoid the frustration of putting in a lot of work during practice but not being able to see any of the benefits in competition. You’ll also avoid wasting time being stuck in the same classification you’re in now, not being able to move up as you watch other people pass you by... all the while spending your hard-earned money on gear and ammo that isn’t making you any better. 

Simply by shooting the sample stage Steve will take you through in the first hour of class, you’ll see at least a 20% improvement in your shooting ability in both speed and accuracy. 

Here are just a few of the things you’re going learn by attending this class:
• How to eliminate “brain farts” forever!
• How to draw and shoot and turn and draw in less than one second
• How to shoot accurately while moving
• How to run with a gun to shoot sooner, better, and faster
• Why you can’t train for getting faster and more accurate at the same time (not understanding this is likely keeping you from achieving both)
• What “match mode” is and how it will always allow you to shoot at your current level of skill
• Mental techniques that will help you clear your head and focus on the proper execution of your game plan
• How to be a better, quicker, and faster shooter that doesn’t need to rush, try, or hurry in a match, resulting in higher match results
• How to avoid the frustration being stuck in C or B class for years not knowing how to get out
• And a lot more...

Steve Anderson believes it’s actually possible for you to shoot better in matches than you do in practice… and it’s not very complicated or difficult to achieve. All you need is a change in mindset and the way you practice.

By the end of this class, Steve promises you’ll have so many breakthroughs that they're going to have trouble keeping track of them all (so bring something to take notes with). And if you follow his recommendations and put in the work, in 60 days or less you can expect to move up at least one classification (if not two) and be performing well in that classification. 

You’ll see a noticeable decrease in match anxiety and be more confident in your shooting ability in general and under pressure. Your ability to execute better shots will ultimately translate into you being able to score more points per second.

Start preparing now with Steve’s podcast, “That Shooting Show” at and with his 3 books which are available at

A cash range fee for the facility and training equipment of $50 total for both days, is due in cash on the first day of training.

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