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Our Proactive Protection Skills is a popular lecture format course which will prime you to come up with your personal plan of avoidance, deterrence and action to keep yourself and your family as prepared as possible to manage potentially dangerous individuals and situations you may encounter.

Topics covered in this course include:

·         Identifying and navigating Transitional Spaces

·         Developing Active Situational Awareness

·         Use of a high lumen light source

·         Proper Interaction with Law Enforcement

What clients are saying about this course -

“Amazing Class, amazing instructor! Very informative and enjoyable!” - Deanna McCoy, 8/12/19

“Thank you guys for your passion surrounding this topic! I think everyone should go through at least one course, if not more, to gain an understanding of the world and how potentially dangerous is can be. I know a lot of people who just keep their heads down and choose not to think about the world in that light, however, if they just prepared themselves they could potentially face it without the fear of knowing.” - Sam Lisetor, 8/12/19

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