Red Dot Sight pistols have become an increasingly popular option for a personal protection firearm. This course will break down the deployment and application of a RDS equipped handgun from the ground up. As always, during our courses, we will relate the skill building directly to the goal of efficiently utilizing the RDS handgun for personal protection purposes.

Course highlights:

·         Proper draw and presentation

·         Selection and maintenance of the RDS

·         Visual focus principals

·         Properly zeroing

·         Alternate sighting options

·         Benefits of the RDS as a fighting platform

What clients are saying about this course -

“Although it wasn't the focus of this class, Gil took guys that had never shot more than 25 yards (in- door ranges) with a handgun, and got us hitting steal at 100 yards! That's pretty damn cool! And got us cutting seconds off our time, drawing and firing accurately. Thanks again!” - Rob Kelly, 7/13/19

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