Lead Instructor

Gil Narvaez has an extensive background in law enforcement training, martial arts and a passion for the shooting sports. Gil is a former Marine and a career law enforcement officer, with well over 20+ years of experience. He holds the rank of Lieutenant with a large local police department. He is a North Carolina Justice Academy state certified law enforcement Firearms Instructor and Subject Control Arrest Techniques Instructor. A practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, he often incorporates both disciplines into personal protection and firearms instruction. Gil is very friendly and approachable, always willing to help new or experienced shooters alike. An avid competitive shooter, he enjoys participating in action shooting events, such as USPSA, IDPA and 3Gun.

Gil has taken the opportunity to train with world class firearms instructors such as Yousef Sansour (IPSC Grand Master, Owner of Esoteric LLC), Scott Jedlinski (Master Class USPSA shooter and nationally recognized Red Dot Pistol subject matter expert), Morgan Allen (Multiple IDPA National Champion) and Ben Stoeger (Multiple USPSA World Champion).

Professional Certifications:

· NRA Pistol Instructor

· NC State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

· NC State Law Enforcement Subject Control Instructor

· NRA Range Officer

· Certified Glock Armorer

· 3 Gun Nation Certified Range Officer

· Basic and Advanced Ground Defense Instructor

· Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt – Team Steve Hall /Royce Gracie – Fight To Win BJJ

· Level 1 Muay Thai practitioner - Black Belt USA, World Thai Boxing Association Affiliate