Technical Carbine Skills will take your level of efficiency in handling and shooting a semi-auto, AR style, carbine to new heights. This course is a primer on learning how to fight effectively with the carbine at close to intermediate distances!

While shooters of all skill level are invited, you are required to know and adhere to basic safe firearms handling rules. Participants should be physically prepared to exert themselves during this course as we will build up to a stress fire exercise at the end of class.

In addition to the fundamentals of marksmanship some of the topics covered during this course will include:

• Carbine Zero and mechanical offset.
• Reloads and malfunction clearance procedures.
• Engagement of multiple targets.
• Weapons transitions, carbine/pistol.
• Proper use of sling.

What clients are saying about this course -

“The part I found the most beneficial was Gil’s attention to detail. The basics were never overlooked or assumed they were known.” - Steve Parker (23 year career law enforcement officer), 12/26/18

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