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What does Team FC mean to us?

Basically, the team is represented by everyone and anyone who has supported, influenced and contributed to us having this tremendous opportunity to help people better prepare to protect themselves and others. Some of these folks are industry partners, others are close friends and training partners who have helped us get to a point where are with our own skill set and then there are the individuals who help with the mundane day to day tasks necessary to put successful events together. We are thankful for each and every one of them! Below are a few who have agreed to be highlighted on our Team FC page.


US LawShield

We have been affiliated with this company since late 2017 and are very proud to have partnered with them to offer a service that is critical in the event the day none of us ever wishes for actually comes. Once you have won the violent encounter with an assailant on the street, you may need someone to fight on your behalf in the courtroom. US LawShield’s experienced program attorney’s has you covered. The benefits offered do not have equal in the industry. Take a look for yourself, hit us up with any questions at all on the coverage, and we are sure you will find value in becoming a client.


Carolina Sporting Arms

This is THE premier indoor range in the Charlotte region and our preferred retail gun store. The facility is state of the art, prides itself on being the cleanest and safest indoor range in the area. The staff is friendly, approachable and they have a tremendous amount of experience to fall back on. Fortitude Consulting sponsors a monthly rifle match, and assists in facilitating pistol matches at CSA. Please check out the competition and training schedule on their website and come out for an event!


DP Custom Works

The folks over at DP are the absolute best you can deal with when it comes to modification of your chosen firearm. Whether it is getting your slide milled for the installation of an optic or just want to get a slide cut package to make the gun easier to manipulate, they are the best in the business. Not only do they put out quality work, but their customer service is second to none! We highly recommend.

Please use discount code: FORTITUDE


Recoil Junkie

The folks over at Recoil Junkie were supporting Team FC way before it was even a thing. We have proudly represented Recoil Junkie on the local competitive shooting circuit and continue to do so every chance we get. Pop on over to their page when you get the opportunity and see what they have to offer.


Black Belt USA

When it comes to striking there is no need to look any further than Black Belt USA. Master Dan King has been teaching Muay Thai in the area for decades and has trained, as students, several of the other school instructors in the Charlotte area and beyond. We have trained ourselves at BB USA for close to 10+ years now and you will likely run into us if you decide to come out and give it a try. If you are up for a life changing training experience, choose a class time and give it a shot!


Fight To Win BJJ

When it comes to the #1 martial art applicable to personal protection, we at Fortitude Consulting believe that Gracie Self-Defense is hands down the way to go. And the Fight to Win family is THE group to train with when it comes to authentic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu backed with a personal protection philosophy. If you are looking to close the gap on your empty hand personal protection skill set, FTW BJJ is where you need to do it!