Steve Hall, Owner of Fight To Win BJJ, 3rd Degree Black Belt Under Royce Gracie - What I do on the mat, Gil Narvaez does with a gun. It’s crazy the difference he can make with all three of us in such a short time. And for the magic on the clunky stock trigger on my Glock. The difference is night and day, and I can’t recommend it enough. If you own any Glock hit me up or contact Gil directly. You won’t be sorry.


Lou Noujaim, Realtor & Health/Fitness Coach - I've known Gil for nearly two years now and been a client of his for over a year. I started as a new shooter when I met him, and the training that I have gotten from him has increased my skill-set immeasurably. From absolute basics to more advanced tactics and skills, Gil teaches with intention. He's not just your typical firesarms instructor running you through drills, Gil actually TEACHES and shares knowledge on how to be a more mindful, safe, and skilled firearms user.


Cameron Hays, Sgt US Army - The course was very informative and was set at a pace that I as an experienced shooter and my wife and a semi- inexperienced shooter could both appreciate. I am well known for finding deficiencies and after taking 2 classes with FC I can honestly say that they are doing something right. They have my full endorsement.