This course is designed from the ground up to take your level of efficiency in manipulating a handgun to new heights. From the very onset of the course you will be challenged to sharpen up your marksmanship fundamentals, while at the same time learning to multitask, evaluate information and make decisions under stress.

Shooters of all skill level are invited, however it is recommended that you are, at a minimum, familiar with the basic operation of the firearm who choose to train with during the course. It is also required that you know and adhere to basic safe gun handling rules.

In addition to the fundamentals of marksmanship, some of the topics covered during this course will include:

• Safe and efficient drawing and re-holstering, from concealment and open carry.
• Engagement of multiple targets.
• Training strategies/concepts for shooters to take to the range themselves.
• Reload and malfunction clearance procedures.

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